SESHI.ORG Accelerated Nursing Programs ĖAll That You Need to Know

Accelerated Nursing Programs Ė All That You Need to Know

If you are in the hurry to become a nurse, you have a choice and that is through the accelerated nursing programs. Thanks to the cultural changes and modern technology, more and more universities are now offering accelerated programs. Nursing departments are now expanding and are offering online programs. Even PhD programs are now offered online! You have to ensure that the program youíre enrolling is accelerated because mostly are not. You can find courses that will take you the whole semester to finish but the advantage is that you can combine work and education.

Accelerated Nursing Programs Ė The Needed Training and Requirements

For those who want to finish their RN training, LVN to RN programs, or other nursing programs quickly, accelerated programs is the best choice. You need to identify the nursing programs that are offered online, particularly the accelerated ones. Check out the website of Columbia University because it offers accelerated programs. For instance, if you already finished your Associateís degree in nursing, the university offers an accelerated program that will allow you to earn a Bachelorís and Masterís degree. This is known as the BS/MS ETP Program. The advantage of enrolling in this university is that the professors are well renowned. You have a chance to meet scholars, researches, and great teachers while enrolled in the program. You can submit your application online and since there is a deadline for the applications, you must ensure that all applications for financial aid and other supporting documents are sent prior to the closing date. You can also contact the concerned person or staffs online. Just get their contact address or number. Columbia University is a prestigious name in the industry and if you want to have an attractive resume, you can enroll in an accelerated nursing program.

There are still other accredited universities that offer accelerated nursing programs and you can find them after you conduct a thorough research online. You can use any of the major search engines to gather pertinent information about the university and their nursing programs. If you want to get your RN in no time, you will need to finish the degree as soon as possible. You can also take up LVN programs or CNA Programs online if the university offers such option.

Accelerated Nursing Programs for a Very Rewarding Career

Caring for the sick and needy people is a rewarding career. You donít need to spend around more than five years just to work as a nurse in a health care facility. Through the accelerated programs, you can advance your career provided that you are really serious with your studies. For non-nursing undergraduates, the accelerated programs can help them in entering the medical setting quickly. The transition period is fast and since more and more people today want to become a nurse, donít you think that itís time to enter the field as well? Statistics show that in the coming years, the demand for nurses will continue to increase. If you start now, you can become part of the medical workforce soon and you have a chance to earn a decent income.

What if youíre a college graduate of a non-related field? You can always turn to the accelerated program where some of your basic subjects can be credited and you can become a registered nurse in no time. Due to the nature of the accelerated programs, students are expected to attend their courses full time to receive intense instructions. Forget about the breaks because you will also be using it to complete the clinical hour requirements of the course. If you think that you can handle painstaking curriculum and the extensive coursework, the accelerated nursing programs can fulfill your dreams.

Competition is stiff and if you want to finish it, you have to stick to your studies first. It wouldnít be a great idea to work while youíre trying to finish an accelerated program. You can complete the pre-requisites and the bachelorís degree in only 11 to 18 months and in 3-years time you can already earn your masters. Only 43 states in the US offer such program and this will already include lab instructions and clinical hours or setting; during this time, you will learn all the valuable skills to prepare you in the real work environment.

Once youíve obtained your license, you can now find jobs in physicianís offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and in other clinical facilities. Start now and find an accredited university that offers accelerated programs. Try to be specific with your inquiries because you might end up with the traditional online course. All the lessons will be given fast paced so if youíre a slow learner, itís best to take it slow as well so that you wonít get stressed out. This type of program is not for the faint of heart. Prepare and brace yourself for a blast of instructions and intensive coursework. Good luck.

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